Mandibulamand_canal_fig2r Canal Neurovascular Contents and Variation: A case study
June 2018- October 2018
Status: Present at American Association of Anatomists/Experimental Biology 2019; Publication in Press

rhesus-infant-carryMacaca mulatta postcranial ontogeny and locomotor development
January 2018- Present
Status: Processing Data

Biomechanics of SuspensionPicture1.png
May 2016- Dissertation data collection
Status: Presented at AAPA 2017 [Poster]

Intrinsic manual proportions in hominoids and other suspensory File_001taxa with implications for interpreting arboreality and terrestriality in Miocene and Pliocene fossils.
October 2015 – Present for Dissertation pilot data, supervised by Herman Pontzer (Hunter College, CUNY)
Status: processing data; Presented at AAPA 2018

ProxiIMG_5792mal ulnar articular surface configurations and hand supination in primates and other mammals: Evaluating ultimate hypotheses for the origins of primates.
February 2015 – Present for Primate Phylogeny and Paleobiology, professor Eric Delson (Lehman College, CUNY; AMNH)
Status:Presented at AAPA 2016 [Abstract] [Poster]

IMG_5751Biomechanics of the elbow: Hand position and elbow flexion in arboreal mammals.
January 2015 – Present for NYCEP Internship Requirement, supervised by William Harcourt-Smith (Lehman College, CUNY; AMNH)
Status: processing data

IMG_4004Genetics Internship: DNA extraction, amplification, sequencing from human blood and saliva and baboon feces.
September 2014 – November 2014 for NYCEP Internship Requirement, supervised by Todd Disotell (New York University), with Megan Petersdorf (New York University), Margaret Bryer (CUNY Graduate Center), and Susie Lee (New York University)
Status: complete
Discussed here and here

File_001 (2)Hominoid proximal femur morphology: locomotor, ontogenetic, and allometric effects.
April 2014 – May 2014 for NYCEP Core Morphology, professors: Chris Gilbert (Hunter College, CUNY) and Alfred Rosenberger (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
Status: complete

hobbitTaphonomic considerations debunk claims of asymmetry in Homo floresiensis: implications for reconstructing health in the fossil record.
March 2014 – May 2014 for Integrated Paleontology 2, professors: Herman Pontzer (Hunter College, CUNY) and Shara Bailey (New York University)
Status:publication in prep; Presented at Human Biology Meeting 2018 [Poster];
Discussed here

File_000 (5)Estimates of fossil hominin quadriceps physiological cross sectional area from patellar dimensions.
October 2013 – Present with Herman Pontzer (Hunter College, CUNY)
Status: presented at AAPA 2015 [Abstract] [Poster]; publication in prep

Ileret 2012 107Analysis of Daasanach subadult growth patterns with implications for life history.
June 2012- May 2013 Undergraduate Honors Thesis Project
advised by Brian Richmond (former: George Washington University; current: Curator, Division of Anthropology, AMNH)
Status: presented at AAPA 2013 [Abstract] [Poster]; publication in prep
Discussed here

405Comparative premolar morphology in hard object feeding primates, a 2D geometric morphometric approach.
October 2011 – April 2013 with Kes Schroer (former: George Washington University; current: Dartmouth)
Status: presented at AAPA 2013 [Abstract]


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